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Stop investing your energy in "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Yesterday my Facebook feed was besieged by, as CBC put it, " two camps ." The pro-"Baby, It's Cold Outside" camp, and the anti-"Baby, It's Cold Outside" camp. As I am sure you have heard by now, many radio stations, including CBC, have pulled the song from rotation this holiday season. The pro-camp seems to be made up of two sub-groups (at least in my broader circles): those who take the move to be "political correctness gone too far," and—somewhat surprisingly—those who see the song as a feminist-consistent commentary on women's discourse and agency in the 1940's. The latter position maintains that the track has nothing to do with consent, and everything to do with shaming a woman for making " her own premarital sexual choices ." The anti-camp—again, I only speak from the articles and opinions shared by my peers—actually do not seem to be adopting a discourse surrounding political correctness. They&#